Advantages Of Dedicated Hosting Vs. Your Existing Hosting Plan

While shared web hosting is the most famous type of hosting and most reasonable alternative for small sites, they couldn’t be a good choice for large, high-traffic or “mission-critical” sites. For these kinds of sites, a dedicated Netherlands server host could be a requirement.

Dedicated web hosting does cost somewhat more to than shared web hosting, and generally, need a greater level of technical ability to operate. Though, in case your business is making lots of money a day from e-commerce as well as your business can fail in case the web server goes down for more than some hours, then you must seriously think about leasing a web server. Here’s why:

If comes to dedicated hosting then it provides the skill to maintain your personal web server by permitting you to manage server response time, server traffic, data backups, server security and the programs you want to utilize on your web server.

Response time and Server traffic

Response time of the server on a shared web hosting environment is only dependent on the traffic amount the other sites on the webserver are receiving. Like, in case a website on shared web hosting environment rapidly receives a traffic influx, it will cause another website on the web server to slow down. Thus, the response time of your site will dramatically slow and you are without option.

On the only cheap netherlands dedicated server you can fully control the traffic amount permitted in the server which, eventually, keeps response time of your site at its utmost performance.


The environment of shared hosting are possible to have security problems as everyone doesn’t implement the complete security which is provided. Thus, your website possibly has security problems on a shared web server than on a dedicated web hosting where you can manage the level of firewall safety.

Even, when leasing a web server; you have the option to pay for a greater security level than you do on shared web hosting. It can assist with server load management as well as any other security problems.

In the environment of a shared web hosting, you are restricted by the security offered by the web hosting company and what some others on the server choose to implement. In case you have a leased web server, you can apply your own security options and pay for additional security.